Here & Now

So here we are, 129 years after Messieurs Marey and Demeny attached glowing bulbs to the arms and legs of an unnamed assistant, and created the first-known light painting photograph: “Pathological Walk From in Front”.

To set the record straight, my photographs are not digitally created, nor have they been manipulated or adjusted with editing software. No trickery, no cut-and-pasting. Just one single, long-exposure photograph.

There is no 'secret' to creating them - as such - though I like to compare the technique to 'magic'. Therefore, if someone reveals how a particular magic trick was achieved, the art behind the illusion is somewhat of an anti-climax.

Photos & Frames

My photographs are printed in Erftstadt (Germany) using ultraHD machines and the frames are handmade to order from sustainably sourced wood in Kent (UK).

For the moment, I sell 2 types of framed image: the 30cm x 25cm box frame (with a double mount) and the 50cm x 40cm 'Ainsworth Black'. However, if you would prefer to supply your own frame, then of course photographs can be bought separately.

Just get in touch with any questions that you may have and I look forward to hearing from you.

Light Painting

Copyright Stuart McAlister. All rights reserved.

Early Days

The birth of 'Light Painting' dates back to 1889 when two Frenchmen (a scientist and an inventor, bien sûr) used it to trace human motion whilst walking.

In layman’s terms, Light Painting is a technique involving a long exposure photograph whilst moving a light source in front of the lens.

A few of the more reputable names who toyed with the art include Man Ray, Picasso and Henri Matisse.