Corporate Video Production:
When companies look to expand their online presence, I believe that working hand-in-hand with the client is far more beneficial than simply letting an agency do what it wants. As a team we will work to increase your brand's visibility and to promote your product or service to the market that you want to target. Getting the very best out of a product speaks volumes, so whether your goal be a company overview, brand promotion or a staff training video, together we can make an absorbing and highly effective clip.

I use only the latest cameras (and there are quite a few to chose from) so you can either request the one you want, or I can advise as to the best front-end to suit your requirements. This goes for lenses too - from lovely, crisp cinema lenses to lovely, crisp standard ones.

Edit-wise, I have a dedicated suite which uses a RAID 0 format (quicker file access and reliable security). It drives FCP7 which is packed with an array of bells and whistles, which all go to smarten up post production. If way from base, then I'll bring a sturdy iMac. Match that with external drives for backup and storage, along with high-speed broadband ... et voil√†.

Corporate Video Services

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