"I've known and worked with Stuart for the past 20 years and have nothing but praise for his work ethic, his professional and technical abilities and his general approach to delivering the best possible result. I run a production company based out of Singapore and have called upon Stuart numerous times to shoot corporate sit-down interviews and associated b-roll. His results have always been top-notch and I couldn't have asked, or expected, anything more. I trust him implicitly and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him."
- Greg Somerville, Somerville Media

“Mr M, thank you for the fab photos. You remain my hero."
- Greg Proops, actor & stand-up comedian

Stuart McAlister

Association of Press Photographers

"Stuart and I have known each other for many years. Throughout that time his professionalism has always been at the forefront. Up against a deadline, and during times of high stress, he has always demonstrated clear leadership, whilst dealing with everyone from the most nervous contributor to the highest in the land. Stuart always delivers whilst maintaining good humour. A great addition to any team."

- Richard Tierney, Author "The Introverted Presenter"​

A few words ...

"Thank you - these are pretty much the best photos ever taken of me at work."
- Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2

Networking In Surrey

“I have worked with Stuart countless times and I have great admiration for his talents. He's one of the few genuinely talented multi-skilled operators I know and someone who will get it right first time! We have long been great friends. He's a wonderful trooper and the man to have around."
- Stuart Nimmo, BBCtv Director

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Member of the International

"Stuart was singularly responsible for raising the profile of The British Helicopter Team with an entire series of content including promotional photographs and videos. The results were beyond anything we could’ve hoped for. He’s one of the best and a total professional. No need to look any further."
- Brenda Nicoll, British Helicopter Team  

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Stuart McAlister

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