What Is "Digital Content"?

Stuart McAlister

Your end product needs to hit your expectations and campaign demands straight out of the box, so I'll ensure that every project is accomplished in a transparent and collaborative manner. This means that you, the client, is always in the driving seat.

Content refers to assets created for websites and social media channels. Whenever a message needs to be conveyed, there are various methods with which to deliver it: video, photos, text, audio files, to graphics and animations.

Your product or service isn't going to be seen unless you do something about it. Your brand needs to connect with potential customers, so the content you use needs to be relevant and engaging. Together, we can devise a game plan that's fit for purpose using various means of communication: video, photo, audio and graphics.

Visual communication is the key.

- Visual communication saves time as people can process a visual image far quicker than a block of text.
- Applying the same logo and company colours across your visuals will improve the brand’s visibility and helps the customer identity the product or service.
- An audience is attracted by tempting and appealing images used in promotional material. This goes to improve the clarity of any shared information.