For those who don't know me, I'm a digital content professional with a strong reputation for delivering results - on time and on budget.

My absolute passion is to help clients achieve their campaign goals and improve their online visibility with innovative cross-platform content. I possess a comprehensive understanding of content creation practices and have applied this knowledge to broadcast and corporate television, the specialist software sector, corporate branding and marketing. My analytical 3D mind enjoys taking those awkward problems and finding workable solutions, while my life-long appetite for learning new skills is as keen as ever.

My creative and technical abilities result from a solid background in broadcast television news as a cameraman/VT Editor working with both national and international broadcasters. For a third of my life, I lived in France shooting and editing for agencies APTN and Reuters and then with the BBC and CNN. Over my time in television, I made hundreds of news and feature packages and added flagship BBC programmes Newsnight, Panorama and HardTalk to my repertoire. When my career pivoted from broadcast, I moved across into corporate and promotional television, my transferable skills came with me, helping me forge long-lasting relationships with Airbus, Publicis and The International Chamber of Commerce.

To truly explore my creative boundaries I added stills photography to my armoury, joining agencies World Picture News in New York, NTI in the UK and French agency Le Desk. From headline events to editorial and feature spreads, image-rich content was the name of the game. Connections were made with a number of UK and European newspapers and magazines where I was also invited to write the articles. It will come as no surprise to learn that I love working with words and images, possessing a solid understanding of in which sector they work and how best to deploy them.

Online's insatiable appetite is forever on the increase and I would be delighted to join you on your journey and be part of your digital future. Should your wishlist involve corporate and promotional video, editorial photographs and text for social media posts, components for a personal branding campaign or a reboot of the company image library, then we should talk.

Dorking, Surrey

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