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An experienced cameraman and editor, who worked in television news for the better part of 30 years.

After earning my stripes in and around the political world of Westminster, I joined Sky News, which sent me on multiple assignments to Bosnia and then South Africa to cover Nelson Mandela’s election victory.

On joining The Associated Press (AP) as a Production Director, I taught news camera and VT editing techniques to the next generation. In 1997, I was transferred to Paris, where five months later, Princess Diana’s car crashed in the Pont d’Alma tunnel. I was on the scene an hour later.


In 1998, the FIFA World Cup circus came to town, and in 2000, American network CNN sent me to Kosovo. For the next decade, I travelled Europe, working for the Americans and BBC News, notably Newsnight and Panorama.


The inquisitive side of me wanted to explore a little further, so I moved into the world of news and editorial stills photography. In a short time, I had representation from NTI in the UK, World Picture News in New York, and Le Desk, a Paris-based agency. I took commissions from UK and American newspapers and magazines, along with covering ad-hoc breaking news and current affairs stories in and around the French capital.


I lectured in television news production at the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme, guiding students through production techniques and mentoring them prior to practical assignments.

After almost reaching the 20-year marker living and working in France, I returned to the UK, where I continue with news and editorial photography, as the Club photographer for Dorking Wanderers FC, and as an active member of the Industry Media Review Panel at Windsor Forest Colleges.

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